Fredericksburg is a great place to visit and fun to live in too.  Bluebonnets and other wildflowers are amazing every year if they get enough rain.  The agaves, cactus, and yuccas bloom rain or not.  There’s 15 galleries today and about a gazillion wineries.  That’s why there’s over 300 B&B’s here.  When the town was settled by the first Germans, they built little weekend homes called Sunday houses, where they would stay for church and market, and then go back to their farms during the week.  Agave Gallery is housed in one of these that was built in the 1870’s.  Luckenbach is 6 miles away, and there’s other famous dance halls if you like to 2-step.  Great roads for motorcycles, bicycles or pickups.  Several events are happening every week, so it’s hard to be bored if you want to stay busy that way.  If you come, be sure to stop in our place!  We also have a B&B here called Agave Cottage in the Garden (click: Cottage info).

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