Tanner Wells

Tanner photo

A native Texan, Tanner Wells has spent most of his life on a ranch. The western way of life has always been instilled in him. From a lifelong love affair with horses, Tanner has developed a natural desire to paint western art.

“The romance of the west is still alive in our hearts today, and I am thrilled to bring it to life through my paintings.”
Wells’ artistic talents were recognized early and by the age of thirteen, his teachers requested that he paint a western mural for his school. In college, Tanner studied architecture before he received his bachelor’s degree in art and a subsequent master’s degree.  Over thirty years later, Tanner continues to inspire others to pursue their interests in art by providing lessons in graphite, pen and ink, acrylic and oils.  Recently, Tanner was honored as “An Artist to Collect” by Southwest Art Magazine, and has been featured in other art show promotions in major western art magazines.

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