Michael Marvins

Michael Marvins

Mike Marvins is a fourth generation photographer and native Texan, he has travelled to almost every corner of the State, capturing images that show his unique vision.  His photographs are in the permanent collections of The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, The Amon Carter Museum, The Harry Ransom Center-University of Texas, The Grace Museum, The Victoria and Albert Museum-London, The International Photography Hall of Fame, and the New Orleans Museum of Art.and others.  Marvins images have been exhibited from The Museum of Western Art in the Texas Hill Country to The Cultural Palace in Bejing, China.

“In addition to my paid professional work, I have always done my own personal images– simply things that appeal to me. Sometimes it’s just a single image but other subjects have evolved into open ended projects.  Happily, many other people have seen and liked what I am doing. I don’t describe my personal work in long paragraphs of ” art-speak”. It’s the image that counts– not ten paragraphs of my life’s philosophy and musings on what the image should means to the viewer. But, if that image has meaning for another person, it gives me a lot of satisfaction. My longest personal project is the Big Bend area of Texas. It has resulted, so far, in three Museum exhibitions and a coffee table book.”

“Texas’ Big Bend”, the 192-page hardcover volume, features more than two hundred, museumquality color photos and an informative foreword by Roy Flukinger, a photography curator at the Harry Ransom Center at the University of Texas. The first comprehensive photographic study of the Big Bend region, the book presents a stunning area of the nation in a manner that lifts it up to an artistic experience, recreating the feeling many people have when they first encounter the natural beauty of the area.

Mike lives in Houston and is a part-time resident of the Texas Hill Country. He has captured the grandeur, remoteness, rich history, and dramatic ecological diversity of Big Bend which has caused it to take on an almost mythological status for travelers.

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