Jim Heupel

Jim Heupel

Jim Heupel is a second career, professional photographer specializing in nature and wildlife images.  Considering himself fortunate to have traveled to many distant, often less traveled locations, his desire is to share with others the beauty and wonder of nature, including unique and often intimate photographs of the wildlife.

“My formal, professional training is law; my photographic training is non-formal, that is, 50 years of photo experience and also workshops taught by photographic masters such as my mentor and good friend, Arthur Morris (one of the original Canon ‘Explorers of Light’)–the top bird photographer in the country (in my opinion and that of many others).

I continue to travel the United States and the world in search of the magic of nature. Alaskan Coast Brown Bears–Grizzlies–are my favorite subject.  This fall I’ll be going to photograph polar bears at Hudson Bay, Canada.  They embody so much of nature: beauty; intelligence; tenderness; playfulness; sheer power; violence; and the stark reality of the harshness of nature outside of human ‘civilization’.

When I am not away from home, I serve as the ‘combat photographer’ for the Living History Program “Battle of Tarawa” reenactment weekends at the National Museum of the Pacific War here in Fredericksburg, Texas.

Having lived in Asia, Europe, as well as the United States, and having traveled to all seven continents, above the Arctic Circle and below the Antarctic Circle, the beauty and thrill of this planet Earth, its people and its wildlife continue to amaze, inspire, and humble me. My hope is that these images may do the same for you.”

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