Herman Walker


Herman Walker

Herman Walker spent his formative years in the ranching country of West Texas. He received his degree in Animal Science from Texas Tech University, and while at Tech, became interested in the art of sculpting.  After graduation, Herman worked for a manufacturing firm and in his spare time concentrated on learning casting techniques. In 1973, he and his family moved to Kerrville where they opened a gallery and foundry. It was here that his art career began to blossom and Herman started painting.

“The essence of my work is centered around the Ranch Life of Texas. Having grown up on a large ranch, my art reflects the values and traditions of the cowboy. They live, work and play, putting their brand on the land we call Texas.”

In 1978, the family moved back to the ranch country near Eldorado to be close to Herman’s subject matter, but an economic downturn detoured his art career for the next twenty years. Then in 2008, Herman and his wife Deanne moved back to Kerrville to be near the grandkids.  Once again, Herman picked up the paint brushes to continue with his love of painting. “The faces have changed and many of the old large ranches are no longer in existence, but the people, the animals, the land remain.  The memories run deep. The beauty still remains and entices us to ride over that next hill and see what we came here for.”

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