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Trace with your finger the ancient design on a beautiful pot, the notches on the handle of a tomahawk, drag your fingernail down the rows of kernels of Indian corn, peer into the mystic mountain scenes and feel as though you are there, walk into the nostalgia of old barns and feel the magic of days gone by. You feel that you can do these things with Garnet’s exquisite paintings. There is something mythical in his work that brings to mind vanishing civilizations, lost cultures and nostalgia. These paintings have to be seen have to be seen in the painted image to appreciate their full value.

Garnet grew up in Corpus Christi, Texas and began his career painting sale items on the market windows of his father’s meat market. He also used butcher paper as a canvass to sketch on. His full time art career began in 1973, and since that time his unusual painting technique has brought his work to discriminating collectors through the U.S.A. Garnet and his wife Verna have traveled through most of the United States, England and parts of France, Italy, Western Canada and many other places.

Garnet was featured in Southwest Art Magazine in May 1979. In 1991 he was chosen for participation in the “Art in Embassies” program of the U.S. Department of State. In this program, two of his paintings hung in the American Embassy in Beijing, China for two years.
Garnet paints in Watercolor, Oil and Acrylic. His paintings are done with fine detail and realism. He has perfected his techniques over 35 years as a professional painter. Garnet has always painted from an early age and attended Texas State University as an Art students in the 1960’s. He paints mostly the things that he has great feelings for, but enjoys the challenge of commission work as well.

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